These 10 Kitchen Hacks Makes Your Life easy in Kitchen

There are so many things in kitchen we deal with some are easy and some are  time consuming  things , we dont notice them much for example peeling garlic is time consuming  thing, we dont  take it a big issue we grind it.

we have few tips for  you all

1.How to store lettuce longer

kitchen hacks

source to make yogurt popsicles

kitchen hacks 2


3. Best Way to Keep Basil Fresh

kitchen hacks 3


4. How to peel Garlic Quickly

kitchen hacks 4


5. easy to peel orange

kitchen hacks 5


6. How to tell egg is fresh or not

kitchen hacks 6


7.How to pit a cherry easy way

kitchen hacks 7


8.froze grapes for drink

kitchen hacks 8


Here are  10 clever kitchen hacks check it out

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