Seven Beautiful Uses Aspirin for Improving your Beauty

Normally people use Aspirin when they get headache or fever or get relieve from pains,we can also use aspirin for other things.

here are Few Uses of Aspirin

1.Get Rid of Acne

Aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties it helps remove acne,

-take 2-3 pills of aspirin , mix them in 2 spoons of lemon juice and apple on your face on acne,keep it on for 30 minutes and clean it you see your pimple calms down.

Note- While cleaning don’t rub it too much, and also don’t to sun exposure while wearing Aspirin

2.Reduce Skin spots  with the  helps of  aspirin

Aspirin  helps cleaning your skin and  removes  dirt from face ,

-Take 6-7 uncoated aspirin pills  with  3 spoons of  yogurt and 1 spoon  honey, Mix them all  together . Apply on your dry face with a brush or  hand  then keep it 15-20 minutes then  clean it with little warm water.

This facial treatment cleans  your face, and gives smooth look on your face,and  reducing scars and marks  on your face ,it prevents pores  from getting clogged

3.Aspirin acts as exfoliate

aspirin is an excellent exfoliant , it helps to remove dead cells from  your face ,it also helps to reduce the size of  enlarged pores on face in addition  it remove excess oiliness on face .

-Mix 3 pills with water  equally  make it like a paste , apply it on face for few  minutes and then  clean it with water  you will see the changes

if you have  sensitive  skin  apply slowly  other wise you will feel  irritations


4.Relieve from mosquito bites

if you have irritation due to mosquito bites , take a table spoon of water with 2 aspirin pills then apply onaffected area then  leave it for few  minutes

You will find the results Aspirin helps  reducing itching on skin

5.Remove calluses from Foot and make it look beautiful

Aspirin helps you to remove dead cells from your foot,

-take  7 aspirin pills mix them with 1 spoon of  lemon juice make it like paste, apple the  paste  on the  soles of  your feet and leave it for 10 minutes and  you will see the difference   and your foot looks beautiful .

6.Aspirin Repair Damaged Hair

You can use aspirin for repair damaged hair, take 10 aspirin pills in a cup of  warm water, apply to the hair then leave it for  15 minutes and  then rinse it  .

You will see healthy and shiny hair

7.Aspirin  cal also used to Treat Dandruff

To get rid of dandruff aspirin treatment is one cool and easy method , take  two pills of apirin mix it in your regular shampoo now apply it to your scalp and leave it for  2  minutes and then wash it  .

dost waste more water in this process.

You will get aspirin in your local drug stores or  you can get  in amazon

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