9 Best Recycle ideas of Daily Usable Items to Save Enviroment

Every day tons of garbage waste  is increasing around the globe if this waste continually increases , we need another planet to throw  all global waste .we all need to  to think about this we have to this of reducing garbage waste .

how to reducing garbage waste ?

recycling is the best way to reduce tons of garbage waste, if all of us things of recycling then there will be less garbage waste

here are few ideas of recycling by using everyday items

1.Old news papers

Most of the people are reading news on papers regularly , even there is TV and digital media are there people like to read news on papers , if you are one of those who like to read news on papers this recycling idea might help you in future

  • Use paper to wrap delicate and fragile things this idea helps  your  favorite  things in shipping.
  • Wrap fruits and vegetables in in paper  it helps decreasing the ripening time and also keeps the fruits and vegetables for  fresh, it helps to keep fruits fresh in a long journey also , just wrap the  fruits  individually and leave them  in room temperature.
  • Wrap shoes  in a newspaper while traveling,if  you put paper inside shoes it will take all moisture  inside the shoe.
  • Put  paper in  refrigerator in fruits and vegetables  section , it will suck bad oder in fridge  and keeps fruits fresh
  • Put newspaper under garbage bucket before putting  garbage cover, paper will take all wetness in garbage  


2.Make up brushes

Most of the women wears make up before going party  they definitely need make up brushes, they throw old brushes after  using them for long time, instead of  throwing if  you recycle them  it will be more helpful for  you

  • Use make-up Brushes to clean dust on your key boards
  • Clean the dust  on small corners  of  shelves  by using make-up brushes
  • Make-up brushes have fine tips which will reach very small places which is so hard to clean

3. Lotion bottles and shampoo bottles

Every one use  shampoos and lotions some used for  daily bases some used for  weekly bases , nowadays  lotions and shampoos  are  essential for us , body lotions protect us from  sun and shampoos keep  hair soft and clean.


  • You can use  your shampoo bottles and  lotion bottles to hide  your valuables while you are outside swimming in a beach
  • You can make your own soap box with shampoo bottle
  • robbers don’t even think of  stealing  lotion bottles  in beach, if  you keep  your  money and  key and cards  in lotion bottles

14 more recycle shampoo bottle and lotion ideas 

4.Plastic  Water bottles

we use  water bottles and cool drink bottles  regularly in our journey  after using the bottles we simply throw them away , waste plastic bottles goes directly  garbage it causes  lot of  damage to  environment , instead of throwing if you recycle them , you will  save the world from rotting  .


  • instead of throwing bottle  try to reuse it , cut the bottle and  put plants in it
  • some used bottles to feed birds
  • even some  used to make  it brooms

some more recycle  ideas of plastic bottles

5.Reuse Toilet paper roll

Most of us use toilet papers and throw away  paper roll, instead of throwing we can recycle it and use it for better uses

  • Use toilet paper roll for separating cable wires
  • Best use toilet paper as seed starter,Put some soil in toilet paper roll to grow small plants , you can transed to larger contailer when it is ready to plant
  • create small uneven  gift packing with toilet paper
  • use toilet paper roll as pencil or pen stand

6. Plastic bags

We use buy so many grocery  products in market when bought grocery products we also get   plastic bags with them, some we reuse  them and some we throw them away , instead of throwing if you use them  in your  home it will be so helpful for  you and the environment.

  • Always  carry an extra plastic bag in your pocket in case if  you buy any thing you put them in plastic bag
  • Put your  shoes in plastic bag while you are planning for  tour
  • You can also  put your  inner wear  in plastic bags
  • If you want to gift  someone or  if you taking any food items to  someone use plastic bags in home
  • In rain if you don’t want you don’t want  your shoes get spoil use plastic covers.
  • Use plastic bags to remove animals poop from the floor
  • plastic bags are used for many things like keep garbage,carrying vegetables, so on

7. ReUse Tic Tac Containers

If  you use to buy  Tic Tacs  regularly   you  can these  ideas to reuse tic tac empty  containers .

  • Put slides an pins in  the containers
  • Use it to store kitchen spices  it is easy to take
  • Use Them to store beads and needles
  • Use them to store  seeds
  • Use them to store tooth picks,  Office clips, band aids ,gums , buttons

8. Old tooth brushes

Without tooth brush your day won’t start , we all do know after every  6 months we have  to change tooth brush what to do with old tooth brush  how to plan to recycle it  ?

if you have no ideas kindly follow these

  • If  you found small rocks and sand that stuck in your shoe sole,use brush to remove it make use you dont use same brush for your teeth
  • If you spill tomato sauce or any oils on your stove , use baking soda and lemon juice and clean the stains with brush.
  • Use you old brush to color your hair, put the brush in color and apple to the edges of your hair slowly
  • Reuse old tooth brush fro painting purpose , With Tooth Brush you can make amazing Spray painting.

9.Use straw

Normally every one throw away  straw after  drinking  their cool drink  but  if  you think of reuse  you will get so many ideas  for  decorating your home do  you know how to use  it  ?

  • Use straw to make small Christmas tree for decorations
  • Cut the straw into small pieces and make a colorful necklace


these are amazing recycle ideas this will help to reduce garbage waste , you might have some ideas  in your mind  if  you like share  you are always welcome here


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