10 Things to Do when you’re home alone teenager

Are you bored and alone in home  nothing to do ? ,

everyone feels bore and lonely when they are alone in home ,

here are 10 things   to do when you’re home alone teenager to  kick bored feeling away

1. Draw something and post it on Instagram

Draw something creatively and post  it on Facebook or Instagram.

if you want reference  you can take any reference  some your books and draw it.

Take a photo with your  mobile of your art work  and post it on facebook and  Instagram you will see how many  followers you will get .

This idea make you get rid of bored feeling and also make you popular on social media,

See here  – Instagram artist  made art and posted it on and become popular


2. Write a story

Write any story whether it small story or a  novel keep on writing on a rough book ,

any imaginary story or write all the incidents of your  life you remember and which makes your  laugh.

Start to write funny jokes and small proverbs, poems , even write a song ,by doing this  you will get rid of bored feeling.

Your stories  might help you in your profession, if you become  singer you can sing  your songs,

if you become an author your stories helps you to write best story.

3. Watch videos on Youtube and post comments

If you are really bored watch  music  videos or funny videos on  youtube and post comments,

this way you get motivation to make some videos and you will get inspire of some of their videos and  you will get entertained .

You can check  StumbleUpon there are so many  new topic you might like them check them out , you will like those and  you get good time pass.


4. Cook and Eat

DO experiment  on cooking, check  food  blogs on you tube or on google and  try new recipe  in home  its really a good  time pass , you will get  good  knowledge  in cooking

5. Take nap

If you are bored and alone take nap it will activate your brain and give good thoughts and good sleep i good for healthy also so take a nap then

6. Check your social media accounts

Go online check your social media accounts and leave comment or message  on your friends status ,

for example  Go to Facebook login to your account chat with your  friends check their images and leave a message or comment do it same to all your friends they will be happy and you get some likes.

you can  do it same on  by improving  your  Followers on twitter and Instagram

7. Talk with your friends on phone

Call your friends talk with them or plan  a movie  or  go for hopping  or anything  what ever you get  in your mind do it  .

8. Play games or listen to music,

Play  few games on  your  electronic  gadgets and also listen to music this  way  you can increase  your brain activity and also get rid of bored feelings,

i choose to play games and listen to  music  in the  morning time.

9. Do some fitness activity, be fit and strong

Try to do some fitness activity and make it as a hobby , once you make it as  a hobby  not only your body get fit your mind  also  gets fit and active.

10. Dance

Finally dancing really kills boredom it boost energy in mind and body ,

learn dance by starting with easy steps  when ever  you get bored do some dance, this way you keep your body in shape and  you get  in


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