How to make a Temporary Wall Design For Small Parties

Normally people have very less  time to decorate their home  for  small -small occasions like  birthday party  or kitty party .

This  idea  makes  your  home  looks  beautiful  in  just  few minutes and  also  give a creative  modren looks to your room .

How to make a Temporary  Wall Design

to make  this beautiful  you need

  1. Masking tape in colors
  2. scissors

masking tapes are  mostly used in painting   they use  tapes so that  they dont want  paint to spread other part of  wall

How to do

  • draw a shape  with  pencil on wall
  • now  stick taps

once you finished  the  design  it looks  like  this  


Some more  Cello tape  wall designs

design  your  walls using cello tapes  if  you use  masking tape  it wont spoil wall paint while removing the  tape

Kids  building house using cello tape,  and circle  tape pach

How to make  circular shapes with cello tape

 Circle Sqeeze Punch Round ‘n Round, 

This  Design  gives  new  looks  to whole room  “add cross mark cello tape design  on wall  ”

cello tape  Wall design