8 Cute Dinosaurs Shaped Kitchen Utensils For Those Who Love Dinosaurs

Do you love Dinosaurs ? there are so many people who love  dinosaurs  and they wants to  keep everything  in  their  home  in Dino shapes

I heard kids saying ” i want Dinosaurs ice pop” , its not easy to make unless  if  you have the Dino ice mold, some kids are so greedy they ask for  Dino cookies  ,  if  you have Dinosaurs cookie molds or  pancake  molds  you can  make dinosaurs in home.

By having dinosaurs shaped  or animal shaped kitchen utensils in home ,  you can feed  your kids by giving them cute food and your kitchen looks beautiful . These  products are  really adorable especially  , T -Rex cutter , Dino ice pops and  Nessie ladle

Just open doors for Dinosaurs in your kitchen and look how beautiful it looks

1.T- Rex Spaghetti cutter

T-Rex Spaghetti Noodle Pasta Measurer Tool,

2.Dinosaurs Pasta serving spoon

Dinosaur Pasta Server spoon

3.Dino  soup ladle

Dinosaur Soup Ladle

4.Dino over matt

T-Rex Oven Mitt

5.Dino Tea infuser

Tea Infuser 

6.Dino egg Molds

Dinosaur Egg Mold

7.DIno Roller Pin

Rolling Pin: Dinosaur

8.Dino Ice pops especial for kids

Dino Pop Molds

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