These Knitted Gloves Reveal a cute surprise When Join hands together

Cute gloves with cute symbols  on it, have you seen these kind of gloves  before ,i saw them  on  Instagram Talking gloves.

when i check  them on esty  these  gloves are  created  by a designer in Istanbul Turkey, they didn’t mention any name  there . These gloves are  different from  other gloves we  normally seen in  market.

When we join  hands side by side  , if  we look at the  palm we will  find an amazing  picture , like whale  , wolf  howling  at moon,  and owl under moon . These  kind of  cute  art are daily available  in on sweater shops.

Check out some  beautiful gloves here



cute Birds

Aiming  for heart

eagerly waiting for  bird 

Rocket  crossing  moon

Fox in palm

Heart  in  hands 


I like  this “Hi Bye” 

-> Esty

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