10 Smart Diy Easter Egg Decorating ideas For Your Home

Easter is coming soon how to decorate  your home , if  you have this question  in your mind we have  few suggestions for  you,

1.Diy easter Egg Garland to decorate

Decorating home with Easter  egg you love this idea if  you try this  at  in  your  home  –Diy Easter egg garland

To make  this  Project  you need  plastic eggs , few  colorful ribbons

for garland take a  plastic  easter egg make a small hole on top and bottom of the egg , do same to all eggs.

Now  Tie  them all  together with a rope when you finished  tie ribbon on end and attach it to the door


2.  Diy Easter egg Wrath

Diy easter egg wrath another Beautiful  idea to decorate your  home, i really like this  one  it is easy to make .

to make  this  You need


embroidery floss,

1/2 a cup of flour

1 cup Sta-Flo Liquid Starch,

-Mix the flour and liquid starch in a bowl

-take the once embroidery  thread or floss    dip  in the starch  solution  , wrap around the Balloon in a loop like shown in above picture

-after the  doing it  let it dry for a while

-Then cut the balloon and  remove the balloon from the  embroidery  ball

-make a wrath and tie it  to the  mirror or  wall 

Wine and glue

3. Decorated  easter eggs

decorated easter eggs  this simple and easy  diy idea

take few plastic eggs and  glue the egg and stick  colorful thread on  the egg , this egg looks beautiful and colorful


4.Colorful paint chips Easter egg Garland

This  beautiful  garland made with paint chips,

–  draw an egg shape on a paint chip  , and cut it

incase if you don’t get paint chips  , search color pallets in google image  and print it out one

attach the all cut egg-shaped pieces  with thread and make a garland .

Egg garland

5. Diy  Button craft

Beautiful looking button craft  for your  home to make  your  home  looks  beautiful

To make  this  project   you need

8.5 x 11 piece of white cardstock
Printable Egg Pattern



tooth-brush and frame

  • Print the egg pattern on a card stock
  • slowly apply  glue on egg pattern and  then put buttons on glue on two layers
  • once it finished let it dry and attach a frame on border

button craft

6.Diy  eggshell  Candle light

it a Beautiful centerpiece idea , it  looks beautiful  in home and attract all visitors

to make this you need

-egg shells,

-Tealight Candles


-egg holders

First take egg shells and dyed them in  food color for 5- 10 minutes .

then  put a tealight candle in the egg-shell

7. Diy honeycomb Easter eggs

if love playing with papers this is one most beautiful idea  to decorate your home with  these.

To make this   project you need

honeycomb craft pads or

Honeycomb Tissue Paper Ball 


  • take a scissors cut the craft pad in egg shape
  • now decorated the egg-shaped honeycomb in your home where ever you want

for more –Studio diy 

8.Easter bunny eggs

cute looking Easter  bunnies this cute diy idea makes your visitors to praise you

to make this  you need , Plastic eggs , hot glue, black and pink acrylic colors,  you can you use foam sheet or White stiffened felt

take a plastic egg , if you don’t get egg take normal egg-shell make eggs and nose  with acrylic colors

now cut the sheet into ears and legs shape as shown in picture and then paint it with pink acrylic

now  attach all them together with glue

for more –Littleredwindow

9.Diy Sprinkle Easter eggs

this is another  easy idea  if  you don’t have any  ideas  in  mind  try  this

-plastic eggs

Pastel Nonpareils


-paint brush

take an egg  apply glue  with brush , put the egg  in  Pastel Nonpareils and let all stick to  the  egg

once it completed  place them  where ever  you want  in

more  info –diy 

10.paper straw eater poster

cute  bunny poster  idea looks really great and  amazing idea for Easter  decoration

paper straw


-bunny shape


-paper , pen


take bunny shape  and put it on a  hard paper cute  it in bunny shape and stick paper straw on the bunny with glue.

Once  it  is finished cut the  straws in bunny  shape

Now stick  the bunnies to a  card board and  attach frame to  it .

more  –silly pearl 

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