11 Weight loss tips for Those who have less time for Fitness Programs

If you think loosing weight is easy  then  your are  wrong  it is not an easy task you  need dedication, hard work and  time, its complete lifestyle makeover  your will see a new life after loosing weight .

Here are some  fast weight loss tips

1. Hide  the scale for few months

by keeping weighing scale in home you always want to see your weight , some people  who loss their  weight they said they  didn’t check their  weight regularly  . This way you will know whats happening to your body and  you will know how your body form in shape

2.Drink water  especially  5 minutes before meals

You may heard of people says drinking water reduces weight it is true , but you have to put specific time for drinking water, before doing some heavy workout or, 5 minutes before meals.

If  you drink water before meals  you only eat limited food  ,

3. Eat Simple  breakfast

Never ignore breakfast it is good for your health and gives whole day energy for your body, try to eat egg on daily bases if possible .

if you can’t egg egg daily then no problem but make sure you have a healthy breakfast .


4. Drink green tea or Coffee

drink green  tea or coffee both are  good for health and  help you  reducing weight.

in case  you don’t like to drink coffee or  green tea,  make sure  you don’t put bunch of sugar in your  morning drink

5. Daily  do some  Yoga

daily try to do some exercises  even even you are so lazy to do , try to move your  body for at least  20 minutes

do any kind of exercise even sometimes  dance also helps you reduce weight .

Yoga tips 




6. Stop Eat junk and oily food

Stop eating out side junk  food  it contains lots of  calories which will increase  weight,

so try to  most of the oily and unhealthy junk food .

some studies says that taking pictures of what  we eat daily  also helps us reduce weight.

7.After Meals Brush your teeth at night

Some studies says that night time after brushing  your mind don’t want to eat anything ,

after meals if you brush you dont wish to eat  junk food at mind night.

8. Quit  carb and sugar related food

most of the time we get tempted to eat  cakes and  bakery food items  which  contain lot of carbs and lots of  its not healthy .

If you don’t avoid it you can’t able to control  your weight

9. Some people loss weight by  eating vegetables and fruits

vegetables and fruits have  good  amount of  proteins which help you  in losing weight.

they contain  some  fiber and  some proteins, and also  contain rich amount of  water  which is very good for health   .

10 Get some good sleep

sleeping is also one of the good way to loose way  , most of the people  say they sweat alot in sleep .

sweating in sleep is a way to loose weight , do some exercise  before going to sleep and  you will lose  weight regularly .

11. Stop drinking soda and sugar juices

Stop drinking soda and  juices they contain lots of sugar which will  increase  your weight ,

try to avoid soda and other drinks , instead of drinking soda and juices eat fresh fruits




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