20 Funny Photoshop trolls ,This guy took Photoshop requests and return them a funny twist

James Fridman is a  funny graphic designer ,who take requests from the  people  on twitter and  respond them with a really funny twist.

His  sense of  humor is really amazing all his  Photoshop works makes  you  laugh.

he is a bristish based graphic designer , he is best for  doing alterations to  Photographs,

He edits  image and  give a comedy effect  and post it  on

james fridman

1. She wanted her Boyfriend legs closed

2.She wants the  monkey look as happy as like  her  

3.They requested him to bring  giraffe closer to  him 

4.She requested him to make her face look less  round  he  made  it square 

5. He wants  the  pictures  look  like epic  then james  made him epic 

6.She don’t want  the  trash can and  flamingo behind her , so the james  put them  in front of  her 

7.She want her  mouth not so open  , he put  pizze  in her  mouth  

8.She wanted to fit her face inside the  frame , her wish  come true now  

9.He wants to look  like  100% pussy magnet, james  put Cat food in his place , pussy attracts to cat food only  

10 She said she is a  harry potter movies  fan she wanted  on of  the  charector  in the movie her wish came true now  

11. Her boyfriend asked james  that she caught a fish  , james  made it true  

12.She wanted her carpet fly  over  an ocean  

13.This  guy wanted  to  remove the  ass off  the  picture and  james  removed the real as 

14.She asked james to make her waist slim  on photo, he  practically showed that  on picture  

15. They wanted to remove  sunburn  , James  applied suns cream on  it  

16. He wasted to be  close to  the  waterfall  , james made it true 

17. She looks  prettier and  flawless skin , bluer eyes  in picture  he did exactly what she wanted 

18.He wanted to hold hands  in picture  james put hands  in their hands 

19. She wanted her boy friend look at  her , james  made him turn  to her 

20. She wanted to look like  mermaid in picture  

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