Did you know A husband decorated his bedroom with 7000 love letter to surprise his wife

Jason brinley from  alabama  decorated the  bedroom for his wife with  7000 love post-it notes  .

This is such a  cute  gesture of  done by a  husband to his  wife  not seen  regularly  in  our daily life.

Normally wife and husband  fight alot  but  spending lot of  time on  writing   love letter and  sticking  on wall , need so much  love and patience.

Jason brinley decorated  his bed room  with 7000 post it  for his wife Jennifer

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Cute couple jennifer and   Jason brinley

Do you wanna know what he wrote on letters

I love that you put animals before people.

For surprising his he has been writing  for Months on post-it and  it took one day  for him to  stick on their bedroom wall

When she came back from  work she was so surpirsed to see their  transformed bedroom

She knows he is planning for a surprise but she never expected this

after that she posted  the picture   on Reddit  which went viral

He wrote  all normal things she use to do and she  use to say 


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