What is Google Ad Sense and how it Makes money for us

Most of us don’t know about Google ad sense and how it works, this article might help you to know more about google Adsense.

Google Ad sense

Google Ad Sense is an advertisement serving application which is being run and managed by Google. Owners or Admin of the website/blog can enroll to this program to put video, image and text advertisement on their websites.

These advertisements are managed by the Google and revenue can be generated by per-click basis or per impression basis. Google puts the ads on the website on the basis of its contents, geographical location and other factors.

Ad Sense is important for delivering advertising revenue to small and medium websites that do not have the resources for developing advertising sales programs and sales people to generate revenue with.

 types of Adsense :

Ad Sense for search:

Website owner places a Custom Google Search Box on their website and when the user searches through this search box .

Google share its advertising revenue with the website owner.

Ad Sense for mobile content:

Now a day with the popularity of micro sites it become very popular to display advertisement on the mobile sites.

Ad Sense for video:

Google provide earning through video also like YouTube Video on your website.
Ad sense is beneficial to your website as it generate money for you without your effort and makes your web application popular.

Ad sense for games : 

they provide earnings through game sites  game sites  , generate huge income

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