14 Smart Ideas to control Naughty Kids by Smart Parents

In home  if you have  small kids and  they are very  naughty then that home is  like fish market  every day loud noise and shouting and  really mess  they don’t listen and always want to play and  they  pull everything and  spoil good things and  moving  things from one place to another place .

see also parents problems with naughty kids

here few smart parent  control their  kids  in a  different way which make  you  laugh

1. His parents said  “when  you lie , your ears turn red”

2.  a kid saw oil spots on street  his dad said ” vehicles run over on little kids those who didn’t hold anyone’s hand while crossing the street “

3. very funny and boobs

4.kids normally  push recline buttons for those naughty  kids 

5.kids talk too much and sometimes  they share  your  secrets to  strangers for those this kind of trick will work 

6. Dad said “coco cola filled with black water it wouldn’t taste well” 

7. Poop would bounce up and down 

8.mom said  “earthquake happens when two planets started fighting”

9.Behave or  you get a sad meal

10.ice cream siren means  they don’t have ice cream

11. For controlling those who  touches everything in  a store or  mall 

12.Toys don’t get replacement batteries

13.If  you want to stop kids asking them to take  big  shops like  Mc Donalds,  pizza hut, or  chuck E cheese’s , KFC  This one might work

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