How to Start a Blog, a Step-by-Step guide of creating a blog

How to start a blog  most of the people who  tried to search jobs on online might tried this  i really want to know how many of your compleated sucessfully?

Step 1: Open Mind for  Ideas

If  you want to create blog or site  , you must  put  your  focus on  particular idea , for  example  if you cant to create a blog about art you should  post only about art .

remember  Your topic should  be unique, think different like people don’t able to find in other websites

Love your work

If you dont put full focus on your work , you might not get the results you were expecting ,If you don’t love your work  what is the point of working .

If you don’t love your work it will effect on your writing, you will be lack of  ideas. You can’t able to post good topics slowly you will loose your audience

Think well what kind of  topic will makes you happy while writing , its about your travel stories, food recipe, or photos, or celebrities .

You are not alone

if you think you are  only  one who thinks  different ,then you are mistaken , if you search in google you will know how many people are there think same like you

for example if you type “Food topics” ,million of people are there think same like you

i will suggest if you want to write about “food ” choose  keywords  is like  lunch box,  favorite dessert, special dinner, food pot, same like these not directly related but related and catchy

What you need for a Blog

  • Domain  and  web-hosting site
  • word-press theme
  • yoast seo 
  • Articles 

 Step 2: Choose blog name and web hosting

Every one spend lot of time in choosing website name , i will suggest you don’t waste  more  time in choosing perfect blog name choose any name that make  you feel it is okay for your Blog.

If you want you can Change  your Blog name when You  get 50,000 visitors every month.

You need a  Web hosting site , with out  it  you can’t able to see your  blog  on internet , In some websites  they offer  you free  Domain.


You can  choose any  of them  ,most of the people using  Blue host and HostGator

currently i am using Hostgator it is good so far, when i bought  Host gator they gave me  25% discount also.

before  Choosing  a   domain name consider  these  tips

Choose (.com)  they are easier to remember and people  feels  .com is trusted site

Never  choose  number in domain name

Go for something easy to  remember and easy to pronounce  like catchy

if you want to promote yourself  go for  your name

Use keywords as domain  when  people search for  it  your  domain will appear

it takes some time in searching good names  but you will get one soon, mostly 1 word domain names are taken now 2 words are left

See also -Top Best web hosting sites 

Step-3 Install word press

You can start  your own blog without any  one help, this as simple as  it looks just  have to follow few steps

After getting your  Domain and hosting account , You can  login to Hosting  site and click on” install WordPress” icon to install  word press


Choose  the “Do it  yourself  ” Then  click “Install” Next

Click on the  “Choose domain “button

Now check mark on  “i have read the terms and conditions”  finally click Install now

Wait a  minute  you will get your  wordpress blog

Step -4  Install wordpress theme on your blog

next step is  Login to your wordpress  admin,  you will receive a  you will a box like this  enter to login

you will enter into your dashboard  if you are new to word press site  your dashboard might look like  this

Click on Appearance -> Themes,   wordpress comes  with few  themes


Then  click “Add new”  you sill see so many new themes some are free some have price tag

every one taste is different some want  two columns  some want 3 columns on their website

Click–> Feature Filter

Select what  you like on your website  grid layout , one column  then click apply filter


You will see few sites related to the options, check preview  once you like it click  install and  click active

now your WordPress theme is activated  you can check your  theme preview

Step 5 -customize your word-press blog

these are amazing customization options are  on word press blog , we will discuss few  essential options

if you came to dashboard  you will find customize option in Appearance -> Customize

when you click Customize – In sidebar you will find , webpage design , front page content, header design like that.

check this image  Customize->web page design->site identity: Site logo , title tagline, site icon.

when you are finished it adding your site name , logo,  title   and  site icon , you can  click – “Save and Publish”.

Step 6-  Search Engine Optimization(SEO) essential for traffic

SEO helps  your  website  found  in  search engine  in particular  keyword or  in particular phrases .

Mostly  SEO main work is to  reach genuine real people by  test, image  and video ,

Your main work is to create good blog for  Your readers .

There is Seo plugin which helps  you  show  your   site  in search engine

Plugins->Add New

Search for  “Yoast seo ”  in the search bar  , when you find  the  Yoast SEO,  Click  “Install” then Active  it .

After install  Go to SEO Menu  on sidebar and click Dashboard.

When you  you click dashboard  click on “Company Info ” button where  you will find website name , company or  person .Write your details there  you can  upload  you company  logo, they will be visible  on Google search engine

Next  Click on the “Webmaster tools ” button  and click on tab  “Google search console” webmaster tools allows   your site on their search  enzine visibility

When you click  “Google search console ” it will take  you to  Google login page.

Once Login to the Google You will see Webmaster central , click on  HTML tag ,  You will see  a code   copy the Code which is  quotation mark .

Once you copy it go back to  Yoast seo and paste  the code  and click on save changes button .

Once you finished click  on save changes  button  now  go to webmaster central page click ” Verify” it take a minute or two minutes or verify your site

If you like  you can do it  Bing webmaster tools  also, process is same , when you publish new post it will appear on google search , by using keywords and phrases.

we are not yet finished  lot more to do Now go to  Yoast seo -> Dashboard ->  General  , click on ” Open  the configuration wizard ” tab.

It will take to another page it will have 10 quick steps  to optimize  your  blog.

First step is welcome  screen  you can skip or  you can fill it .

Second step is environment, you must choose  production , if  you are blogging regularly 

Step-3 is site type , what  type of site yours blog , webshop, new site . You can see other options here also when you select the  option click next.

Step-4 is  Company or Person  we already set this in customize you can skip it if  you want  .

In the Step-5 is Post type visibility, you can select which one you want to visible in  Google search.

Next step is  how many  authors post  in your blog , if you have more than  then  you can select yes

Next step is Google search console click on  “Get google authoration code  “once you click the  button it will take you  to the  page click “ALLOW” button to conform the acess

In the  Step 9 -Title settings , you can select the symbol , this symbol is  used to separate your blog post title.

Final step is  congratulatory  message and click close to finish it .



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