8 Incredible lamps Create Beautiful Limmunate Effect in your Room

1.Balancing Table   lamp

this innovative table lamp was designed by  Victor Casternera , These fixed  orbs is an expression of  the fragility of existent.

This Balancing  table lamp concept is  time – everything in motion

This Modern  lighting glass  contain LED orbs it give  brightness to whole room,  you will get  this  product in  oblure 

balancing lamp

2. Elegant Plant Lamps

This Beautiful plant lamps created by  mariana folberg , Leaves of the lamp are made of glass and  they are powered by  LED Bulbs .

When you lit up the  lamp,  electricity  flows through the leaves and gives a soft glow to whole plant .

The looks great even when they switched  it  off.


3. Cloudy lamp

soft and  puffy color changing cloud lamp , this illuminated  lamp gives beautiful  lighting to your  room

to make this  you need, paper lantern, soft cotton, Led light and  Glue



4.Paper Sculpture Lamp

Mouton-Perrat and Frédéric Guibrunet created this beautiful lamp , from past 10 years they working together under the name of Papier à êtres.

this paper crafted sculpture  lamp  is amazing , lower body is  in  ball gown shape and upper body a lady performing some act  ,

5. 2D/3D Led  lamps

This is 3D Optical illusion Led lamps studio cheha building this design ,this is one of smart idea for table lamp

6. Salt water  Table lamp

just use  1 glass of  salt water  you get  8 hours  of  light this is  an amazing table  lamp  which will  help you in your  travel or  in any where


7. Amazing Diy  star wars death Star Lamp

Beautiful Diy tutorial of death start lamp , using ikea lamp and colors and pencils

8.Stylish  Smart light

this  Is Yantouch designed Diamond plus Smart light,

This is a Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with 10 Hour Battery, Powerful Sound with Ehanced Base, Wireless Remote Control.

When you wake up in the morning it plays beautiful music .

available hereYantouch IceDiamond+ PLUS (ID+)


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