Diy Roller painting ideas for Pillow covers and gift packing covers

Are You  Planing to paint your table, bench, pillow covers, bags  like small items in your  room ? if you don’t have  any ideas , we would like to suggest some ideas to make  favorite things  looks beautiful.

Here are  few designs made by  using Wooden Roti  Roller to create beautiful Paint designs.

Diy Rolling Paint Patterns

Use  your roti  roller to paint these ideas will give new look to  your  home ,

for this  project  you only need a wooden roller

1.Bubble Wrap is use to  paint

– Wooden roller,

-Rubber bands

-Bubble Wrap

– Paint

process is very simple  , take a Roller wrap  bubble wrap around and  it and  tie rubber band  .

Now apply paint  to the roller  now  you can paint where ever design you want , in pillows or gift packs  .

Bubble wrap painting2 Bubble wrap painting3

Kids likes to play with this roller bubble wrap  paint this is a good way to keep them busy  for some time

Design on your  Gift packs with bubble wrap paint


2. Plastic Wrap Painting on Pillows

– Roller

– Plastic cover or cello tape

– Acrylic  paint or  fabric paint

– Pillow cover or design paper


Wrap a plastic cover around the roller , apply paint if  you are painting  on fabric use fabric paint  or acrylic paint,

plastic wrap

Plastic wrap 3

If you apply this design on pillows it might

3. Rubber Band Paintings

by using this idea  you can paint on gift cards  and gift wraps, you can apply multiple colors for  beautiful designs on your  pillows  ,

Rubber band Rubber band 2 Rubber band 3



checkout the video here  with full details


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