Amazing Lamp Diy Tutorial Turning a Ikea Exploding Lamp into a Death Star

This is an amazing Diy Lamp  tutorial ,  converting an ikea exploding lamp into a  Star wars death star lamp which extremely cool idea every  star wars Fan love this.

check out how to make this amazing diy project

Exploding  Death star


Making Process of the lamp ;to make this lamp  you need a Ikea Ps 2014 lamp , spray paint , cello tape , paint brushes , scissors and death star image (you will get in google images).

First step is to buy an Ikea ps 2014 lamp , then paint it on outside

First take a gray color  spray paint and spray on  outside before spraying cover inside so that spray  spill on inside  lights, in case if you don’t use cover Inside the lamp  then use paint brush.let it dry for few minutes

second step is now take a cello tape and cut and paste  on  the lamp , before pasting cello tape check the design  carefully,cut some wide and some small tapes to make it look like a real death star

Third step is to create a stencil of a round circle  weapon ,first draw  this  on paper and then  trace it  on lamp by using tracing paper stencil.

Once you finish tracing  take darker gray  paint and then paint it on whole ball lamp it takes few  minutes to get the paint dry.

Now its time to remove the tape , slowly remove all tape with hand it takes  time but when you reach end it looks great

Once you remove the tape this ikea exploding lamp looks like this. final step is  to paint  the round weapon  is to paint darker  gray color  with fine brush to make it  look real .

After finishing the Death star lamp , hook it to ceiling and enjoy the view


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