Thousands of Women March For their Rights In America around the world

Women march on Washington Inspired  millions of  women around the america to March for their Rights.

On Saturday 21st jan  2017  , this peaceful protest started  in the Washington Dc  , this leads all women around the world to protect for women rights in 160 cities across the 60 countries

This is movement started one day after Trump’s Inauguration on 20th January  . their moto is to Send message to the New Government Administration and also to the world that  Respect Women’s Rights are human rights.


After  Donald Trump become 45th President  on first day this Movement started and it spread  to whole world , women  gathering  in their  cities and holding banners against trump’s administration.

here are  some pictures  of people participated in march

Washington, Dc

people are  holding banner are  standing there

People Marching in Washington on 21st jan

Atlanta, Georgia.

Thousand of women are  marching for  one their rights

Boise ,Idaho

Even in heavy snow women are  out for  rights  

Augusta , Maine 


roads are  covered with pink color , women’s march

large group of people  wearing pink caps and participated  in women march
Los angeles

over 750,000 people participated in march


look at that crowd how many thousands of women are marching for their rights


civic central park filled with women’s march protesters

Hail women  to come out for  their rights

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